Overview – 3D Laser Scanning

Today’s industries are increasingly realizing the limitless power and versatility of 3D Laser Scanning. By using a laser line and multi-passes the process captures the dimensions and shape of a physical object or environment. Multiple scans are taken and then combined into what is called a Point Cloud. Each scan can measure millions of points that are referenced by a foundational XYZ position. 3D Laser scanners record detail and form with impeccable pinpoint accuracy.

3D Scanning is quickly becoming the standard for achieving high-quality results while saving time, money, and materials. There are many types of scanners that excel for specific applications, each with their comparative pros and cons. Some types are used exclusively for long-range calculations and some for short-range. At 3Dgroundworks we assess your needs and select the appropriate tool for the job.

For the growing number of construction projects using design-build method, visualizations are key to integrating the vision of designer with the know-how of the builder while keeping the clients considerations in focus.


Some common industries using 3D Laser Scanning:

Building Scanning Service


Factory Scanning Service

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Factory 2

Big Construction Inspection Service

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